My passion for creativity began young 

and although my trajectory towards becoming an animator has been full of hairpin curves along the way I've loved learning of how to grow as a professional animator.

I moved to London in 2013 after my eduction in the countryside. I needed to think like a competitive animator and changed my work to fit more what the industry demanded. Nucco Brain were the first studio to take me on and impressed with my show reel actually made me a lead character animator in their project. After this my client base grew and i really secured 

myself as a competent

 worker within a studio. This ability to establish a friendly professional relationship with clients has improved my projects with freelance animation work at home.



Over the years I have learnt to be an animator with humility about time and have proved myself fully competent on every job i now take. My goals for the future are to prove to many more studios of my quality's and receive a long enough contract or permanent position to start becoming an expeditionary asset of an animation team.


Services include:

Design and Storyboards

2D animation-3D animation

Flash, AfterEffects, C4D, Maya.